AX Construction rebrands

AX Construction rebrands to focus on service and competence

AX Construction has overhauled its brand identity and corporate image by adopting a new logo which outlines a set of corporate values upon which it seeks to build itself as Malta’s leading construction company. Whilst retaining the core values, the new identity portrays a new philosophy which is focused on service and competence.

The new corporate identity seeks to communicate the four key company attributes that underpin AX Construction, namely experience, professional, high standard in quality and efficiency. Together with the new logo, the Company’s brand identity has been totally revamped with new vibrant colours, uniforms for all employees and an upgrade of its fleet of trucks, vehicles and equipment. The brand identity also incorporates a new slogan namely “Building our future, restoring our heritage”.

Ably managed for the past six years by Denise Xuereb, a graduate at Masters level in project management, AX construction aims to consolidate the company’s position as a standalone profitable entity within the AX Holdings group of companies.

Speaking during the launch of AX Construction’s new brand identity, at the State Hall, The Palace, Sliema, Ms Xuereb said that, “This is an important milestone in the AX Construction’s history. A number of changes have taken place to ensure that our diversified organization places the customer at the centre of all its operations. The rebranding of AX Construction will ensure that we can communicate in a more effective way, now that the company is standalone entity. The new AX Construction branding is intrinsically connected with the company’s 36-year history, while being a reflection of a future business strategy.”

In his address AX Holdings Chairman, Angelo Xuereb said that “AX Construction is arguably operating in the most challenging of markets, facing direct competitions from local and foreign companies. Throughout the years our company has gained a reputation of a company with a social and environmental responsibility and this reputation helped us to maintain a cutting edge amongst a cut-throat competition.”

Mr Xuereb also announced that 2013 is set to be one of the best years for AX Construction in terms of new projects and investment opportunities. The main recent achievements have been the construction of the superstructure of the new parliament building in Valletta, whereby it was completed ahead of programme to the satisfaction of the client. The Company’s restoration arm has been very successful and has seen AX Construction involved in large restoration projects in Birgu, Valletta, the construction of a new visitor centre and restoration works at St. Pauls Catacombs in Rabat and the unfolding of the plan for the new multi- million development at Simblia limits of Naxxar, following the issue of permits by Mepa.

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