AX Construction completes restoration project at Jesuit Church Oratory of the Onorati

The Jesuit Church Oratory of the Onorati in Valletta, renowned for its architectural significance was inaugurated after undergoing comprehensive restoration efforts. AX Construction in collaboration with the Directorate for Restoration and Preservation was entrusted to restore significant aspects of the oratories, focusing on preserving its centuries-old architectural and artistic treasures.

Working alongside Ms. Denise Xuereb, Director for Construction and Development at AX Group, the AX Construction team undertook various restoration works. The highly sensitive and specialised efforts encompassed decorated stone surfaces of the oratory, painted surfaces and walls, statues, repairs to a partially collapsed area, and re-integration of coloured decoration scheme. Through testing and scientific analysis, the scope of the works extended from the marble flooring restoration to the repairs of the masonry fabric, as well as the repairs and restoration of the timber and metal structures found within the oratories.

Particularly noteworthy was the intricate restoration of the polychrome marble floor and marble altar – a key element of both artistic and religious importance within the Jesuit Church Complex. The restoration process, marked by careful execution, aimed to preserve the historical and artistic authenticity of the flooring and the altar’s intricate design, reinstating them as central focal points. Additionally, the craftsmanship displayed in the restoration of the wrought iron gate and the gilded bronze grille of the altar also significantly contribute to the overall grandeur of the church’s interior.

Working closely with the Jesuit Foundation and the Restoration and preservation directorate was essential to ensure the proper restoration of the Jesuits’ Church in its entirety. This collaboration facilitated a unified and concerted effort to address various aspects of restoration and conservation, allowing for a more holistic approach.

Over recent years, AX Construction has been contracted to restore various historic buildings and sites, including churches, bastions, palazzos, and fortifications. Ms. Xuereb comments that “from the very start, AX Construction has been at the forefront of innovative and pioneering techniques and technologies in construction and restoration, and it is this commitment to both legacy and innovation that allows us to fulfil our mission statement of Building our Future. Restoring our Heritage”.

Projects of such caliber underscore AX Group’s commitment to preserving Malta’s unique heritage, ensuring that landmarks like the Jesuits’ Church remain timeless symbols of Malta’s architectural legacy.