Suq Tal-Belt

Today, Is-Suq Tal-Belt is a lively upscale destination for grocery shopping and enjoyable dining experiences. It was originally a 19th century market-hall where locals would gather for their daily grocery shopping, then its structure was torn down during World War II, and was finally given a complete renovation in 2016-2017 to become what it is today.

AX Construction’s role in this significant project first consisted of a controlled demolition and careful dismantling of stone structures, followed by archeological excavations. The team was heavily involved in detailed construction works using traditional masonry techniques with the latest technologies. Specific restoration works were also done on the metal formations and on the historical masonry structures, both internally and externally by the in-house restoration team.

The formidable project of Suq tal-Belt is a noteworthy one in AX Construction’s history. “Working in the heart of Valletta during the EU Presidency and on a building that is so fragile was no easy feat,” Director Denise Xuereb says, “It wasn’t a case of going in, gutting it and rebuilding it, but working carefully to restore the building’s many elements and to preserve them.” “Knowing that a building like the Suq was sitting there empty and dead for years, and that it is now a thriving space that the community is enjoying is a wonderful feeling,” she continues.