Żejtun Parish Church

AX Construction was responsible for the restoration and conservation of the front façade of the parish church. The building’s stone work was cleaned and a lime wash was applied to obtain a consistent appearance. Cracks were repointed using lime-based mortars and weak mortar joints were raked off and repointed. 

Moreover, stone found to be structurally unsound was replaced, while architecture details which were lost over time were replaced by new sculptured stone reproductions. Additional works also included restoration of timber elements as well as the installation of bird spikes, and waterproofing to better protect this grade listed building from elemental damage.

The Church of St Catherine in Żejtun is a Roman Catholic church built between 1692 and 1728. The Baroque-style church is considered to be one of the finest works designed by famed Maltese architect Lorenzo Gafà. Together with its oratory and adjacent pastoral centre, Żejtun’s parish church forms part of a complex of Grade 1 and 2 listed buildings.