Rosselli – AX Privilege

Previously the home of well-known merchant and noble goldsmith Pietro Rosselli and wife Alusietta Massa, this once 17th century Palazzo located in the heart of Valletta is steeped in Maltese history and the legacy of the Knights of the Order of St John. Built in the first decades of the 1600s, Casa Rosselli-Massa was a magnificent house that reflected the building and decoration styles of 17th century Malta, and was converted into an office building after the death of its owners. Now known as Rosselli AX Privilege – a 5-star luxury boutique hotel – after its crucial restoration and conversion, it remains a clear example of living history today.

Specific works were done by conserving and restoring what was left of the original structure, revamping the original 400+ year-old fountain, and adding additional structures and support where needed. AX Construction team made use of the latest restoration techniques and tools to ensure that the grand essence of this historic building is conserved.

The house has been respectfully restored to bring out the elegance and sophistication intended by its original architects. The house now weaves history into a contemporary tapestry of design and colour palettes, by highlighting the original characteristics of the building while incorporating contemporary elements, styles, and materials. Considerate to the building’s heritage, the project has conserved important historical features and recreated iconic local features like the Maltese balcony, without defaulting on all-important modern comforts that any guest at a five-star luxury boutique hotel expects.