Suncrest Hotel & Lido Redevelopment

AX Seashells Resort at Suncrest was a fabulous 4-star hotel located on the coast of Qawra, overlooking the dazzling Mediterranean sea. Refurbishment and extension of the hotel began in February 2021, but gained traction in November 2021 when the hotel closed. It is set to reopen as the newest and most coveted hospitality destination on the island in Spring 2023.

The hotel will see a refurbishment of its currently standing floors as well as the building of additional floors to hold the added 168 rooms, F&B outlets, and rooftop pool. The lido is also being revamped, starting from the excavation of the former lido leading to the construction of the upcoming lavish swimming destination on the island.

Works at the Suncrest site in Qawra began in 2021 and progressed satisfactorily throughout 2022. The four-storey extension to the main hotel structure, which has increased the number of hotel guestrooms to almost 600, was successfully completed in 2022. In May 2022, AX Construction started the demolition and excavation works of the Luzzu lido, which is being transformed into an all new lido complete with outdoor F&B outlets and aqua park. Following the construction of the upper floors, the new lido will reach an advanced stage of completion. Here too we were presented with unique challenges due to the non-standard shapes and structures of the new pool and the complexity of the seawall; all of which have equipped us with additional skills and knowledge to our already extensive arsenal of expertise.