The Oratories of the Jesuits’ Church

Renowned for its historical and architectural prominence, the Church of the Jesuits is recognised as one of the oldest churches in Valletta. The church was originally built between 1593 and 1609 by the Jesuit Order, with later possible contributions by the Italian architect Francesco Buonamici, who played a significant role in the introduction of Baroque in Malta in the 17th century.

AX Construction’s specialist conservation and restoration team are responsible for carrying out a number of tasks within the oratories and church that require a sensitive and highly skilled approach. The main scope of works includes restoration works on the interiors of the sacristy, the Oratory of the Immaculate Conception, and the Onorati Oratory at the Jesuit Church in Merchant Street, Valletta. Works are being done on wall paintings, masonry fabric, statues, polychrome stone, polychrome wood, marble flooring, and stone carvings around the church and oratories to reinstate their former beauty. The timber apertures, metal railings and gates, and metal artefacts found within the oratories are also being given the attention they require to restore them to their original state.

“We are honoured to have been entrusted with the restoration of this historic gem. Having successfully completed restoration works on the neighbouring Old University Building, the Church of the Jesuits is a building we are fondly familiar with, and we are proud to play an integral part in securing its future. We look forward to working closely with the newly created Jesuit Foundation and the Valletta community to restore this beloved landmark so that its beauty and architectural splendour can be more fully appreciated for many years to come,” says Ms Denise Xuereb, Director of Construction and Development at AX Group.