The Verdala Terraces & Verdala Hotel

Since the demolition of the old Grand Hotel Verdala began in late 2021, work has continued at a fast pace.  Construction of two of the three residential blocks are now at an advanced stage, while work on the hotel has commenced, with the entire build estimated to be completed before the end of the year. Through this project, we have sought to introduce even greater levels of innovation and creativity in terms of structural design, building materials, and aesthetic quality in the local sector.

The build presented several interesting challenges due to the uniqueness of the exterior of the structure, which is comprised of a series of inclined columns to emulate natural forms of the rock strata in the surrounding countryside. In order to maximise the longevity and integrity of the structure, whilst utilising less concrete and materials overall, we opted for a post-tensioning method on the concrete, which marked the first time this construction process was used in Malta in such a way. This being the case, we felt this was an opportune occasion to invite a group of structural engineering students from the University of Malta to the building site to get a better understanding of the intricacies of this process. As with everything we do at AX Construction, we shoulder responsibility towards the future of the construction industry and seek to educate and train the talent of tomorrow.

Using only the latest and most advanced construction techniques and equipment, AX Construction has spearheaded this project alongside several talented and experienced partners in architecture and design. The company is utilising contemporary methods of construction and building development such as the use of 6-7 metre-long cantilevers, insulation and cladding on all three structures, and sound proofing measures in all roofs and walls, among others. AX Construction began works on this Rabat site in July 2021, and works are expected to be completed in 2024.