Maria Assumpta Secondary School

The Maria Assumpta School in Hamrun is a secondary school for girls located on Joseph Abela Scolaro Street. The school is made up of several blocks connected through a large open space and was officially opened in 1957, welcoming their first batch of students soon after.

AX Construction was tasked with the construction and finishing of the handball hall within the secondary school. Apart from the demolition of the existing structure, excavation, and casting of pad and strip foundations for the rebuilding of the hall, several specific methods were used to ensure that the structure is long-lasting and always remains safe for children. These include waterproofing of foundations and walls, creating a new stormwater and drainage system, installing a mechanical ventilation system and fire prevention system, and installing internal and external aluminium apertures and fire doors.

Several other features were also installed by AX Construction, including a score board, protection nettings, goal posts, and blinds, as well as the construction of a new Marquee structure, and an extension to the existing building to include a new reception area. We are proud to have been involved in this valuable project which provides secondary school children with a safe, modern environment to practise sport.