Palazzo Lucia

Sitting aside the Church of St Paul’s Shipwreck, Palazzo Lucia lies in a special location. Look up, and it is instantly recognisable for the original timber balcony that wraps around the building, overlooking the bustling street below. The iconic Valletta landmark was built during the Carapecchia period between 1725 and 1735, most likely as the city house of a noble family. Many classic features of this period still adorn the building, from the floral design in the decorated elements of the façade, to the generous proportions and balconies that are typical of its time. The building is characterised by its high Baroque-style, rare features, and exceptional details.

Palazzo Lucia had been neglected for a long period of time until AX Group acquired the property and decided to fully rehabilitate the building. AX Construction is well underway in the process of restoring this Maltese architectural gem and aims to re-beautify this once gorgeous Palazzo for it to be reutlised as private workspaces. 

All the deteriorated architectural elements of the structure are being repaired and, where missing, substituted with identical elements carefully crafted by hand by experienced Maltese craftsmen. Particular attention is being given to the irretrievably deteriorated intricate details of the masonry, which are being replaced with identical ones in order to recreate the original aesthetic unity of the building in line with modern restoration criteria, thus reinstating history through modernity. The areas which have been damaged to one extent or another due to human intervention are being brought back to their original splendour following the most advanced restoration techniques. Special attention and care is also being given to the timber balconies and the original metal railings, which have undergone years of elemental erosion, to bring back their striking look which capture each passer-by’s attention.